Tom Roschi is an experienced and technically proficient photographer who has run a successful photographic studio for 20 years. He has a diverse and exciting portfolio of photographic styles and is seen as a highly valuable partner to many businesses and corporations.

Tom Roschi is not only technically very strong, but he also understands the protocol and appropriate behavior required for specialist work. He enjoys long standing relationships with many corporations and Boards who value his professional ability and personal approach, as well as his ability to deliver excellent photographic outcomes.

Tom Roschi Photography has extensive experience in working in a range of environments, from the studio, on-site, on location, in metropolitan and regional South Australia, interstate, as well as in unusual locations such as in submarines, on trains and in dams.

Tom Roschi enjoys working with people and shows a great understanding of human nature by managing to capture the best from his subjects, be they dignitaries, corporate professionals, children or business leaders. His individual style puts people at ease and results in images that are personal, engaging and realistic.

Tomís technical understanding of various environments is outstanding and he has worked in many locations that deliver challenges of space, light, angle and opportunity. His ability to extract a great shot from an average set up is exceptional and it is this eye for detail and attention to the small things that have earned him a reputation for being talented, flexible, creative and technically proficient.